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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Ribbon Lined Alligator Clips

Brand New! We are adding several products over the next week! Now available....our Ribbon Lined Alligator Clips! YAY - Love these! Save loads of time and get your clips lined with heat sealed grosgrain ribbon, ready to go!

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Monday, April 16, 2012

Sequin Rhinestone Daisy Flower Heads for Boutique Accessories

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this new flower! Our Sequin Rhinestone Daisy is the perfect size at just a little over 3 1/2 inches wide. Not too big and not too small. The center is a gorgeous mix of sequins and a colored rhinestone which is the same color as the flower. The sequins and stone are sewn to the flower. The smaller center petals stand up giving another dimension to each flower. As always the more you buy the more you save!
1 Flower = $2.50 each
6+ Flowers (any colors) = $1.99 each
12+ Flowers (any colors) = $1.50 each

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Easter Ideas, Easter Gifts & Easter Accessories!

Easter is almost here! Order all your goodies now to get them in time!
I wanted to post some Easter ideas! It seems like every holiday becomes candy overload! I don't like to give ALL candy so here are some other fun ideas:

*Girls love all things shiny and pretty so stuff a couple of our
1 Inch Sequin Headbands

into a couple Easter eggs in their basket. They will LOVE it!

*Our 2.5 Inch bows fit perfectly inside a regular size Easter egg and will make a perfect combo with the sequin headbands!

*$$$ Money! Stop by the bank and grab a roll of quarters, nickels & dimes to fill your
eggs. The sound of the money is fun and after opening an egg or 2, they will know whicheggs have money and will be so excited each time they shake the egg and hear the ching-ching of the coins!

* Project Kit! My girls LOVE doing "projects" and being able to create! Grab a couple of our adorable flower heads, clips, tulle, marabou puffs rhinestones, ribbon etc. Put them in a cute cellaphane bag and make your own hair accessory project kit, topped with a big tulle bow.

*Toss in a girly pair of leg warmers! These are so adorable on newborns but still super sassy on toddlers and older girls. My 5 year old loves them!

I don't know about you but when it comes to Easter the thing I hate most is the
Easter grass! :) This year I am filling all my Easter baskets with TULLE! I love this idea! No messy grass but still adorable, fluffy and fun! We have 14 fun colors of tulle!

We ship Priority Mail (2-3 days) so there's still time to order!
Use discount code: EASTER4ME to receive a 10% discount!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

FREE Sequin Headband!

Don't you just LOVE getting FREE stuff! In addition to the 10% off we are currently offering we are going to give a FREE SEQUIN HEADBAND with any order on our site! Please tell us the color that you would like in the notes at checkout, otherwise, we will choose a color for you!
We love these headbands! They are adorable when worn alone or with a cute flower!
Go get your FREE SEQUIN HEADBAND - offer good until March 14th or while supplies last.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Discount Code!

Hi Friends!
We are so excited! We just launched an all new improved website! You can now shop faster and easier! To celebrate we are offering a 10% off discount code to our blog friends ONLY!
Use the code: BLOG312 Expires: March 13th

Our blog started out as a catalog of the products that we sold while we built our website several years ago. We will be changing the angle of our blog to be geared toward giving you helpful info and ideas for your hair accessory business.

Please stop by and shop! We would love to get your feedback after spending time on our site.

Thursday, December 2, 2010


Hi everyone!!! We have received new items that are ADORABLE!!! Feel free to check them out on our website!

This flower head is brand new and you will love it!!! It is thick and full with 8 different sized layers and has a perfect jeweled center. The jeweled center is actually a brad which holds all the layers of the flower together so it is ready to be glued on a clip of your choice and doesn't requiring any gluing between layers! It measures 4 1/2 inches accross and is bound to be your new favorite! More colors coming soon!
Our Newsboys are adorable and the big thing this fall! You and your customers will love them! Infant hats fit approximately 12 months and under. Toddler hats fit 12 months and up. Fit will vary from baby to baby as ever head size is different.

Boutique legwarmers perfect for keeping little legs warm! Legwarmers are an adorable accessory to any out fit and are to die for with our TuTus! Our legwarmers fit children around 6 months to 6 years (sizes may vary slightly). They measure between 10 and 12 inches long depending on the style.



Wednesday, September 30, 2009

New Wholesale Headwraps & Sequin Flowers

We have some new products just in and more on the way!!!!

Acrylic Crochet Headwrap
Just arrived our brand new silky soft acrylic crochet headwrap. Perfect for summer! Going to the beach, working out or even going out. All perfect occasions for the new light weight crochet headwrap! Measures 15 inches in lenth and 5 1/4 inches at its greatest width. (We sell other styles of crochet headwraps....see our posts)

Velvet Sequin Flower Heads
Adorable perfect, high end velvet and sequin flowers that measure 2 inches accross! So cute!


We are very excited to announce that our website is now up and running! It has been a long time coming and we are so excited to provide quicker service and less emailing back and forth.

Check it out at:


Wholesale Flowers, Daisies, Mums, Rhinestones, Animal Print & Headwraps


Be sure to check them out:
* 2" Lycra Polka Dot Headbands
* Mini Rhinestone Gerbera Daisy Heads

* Large Silk Mums Heads

* Animal print Rhinestone Gerbera Daisy heads (zebra & le
opard) Grey too!
* Beautiful Acrylic Rhinestones
* Adult Crochet Headwraps

Wholesale Crochet Knit Headwraps

Crochet Headwraps!
Available now!!!

These are the biggest thing this winter.....everyone has them but where are they getting them???? Teens and moms alike all want these headwraps and they want one of each color. So far, they are hard to find wholesale! You can find them here! We have both the thicker crochet bands (handmade with thicker thread and a bit wider in width) and the thinner bands. (handmade with thinner thread and a bit thinner in width).
Thick Headwraps

Thick wrap available colors: Red, Hot Pink, Burgunday, Mustard. Restocking feb 6th.

Thick headwraps in tonal colors (the thread on the edging is a darker color than the rest of the headwrap. pics available soon) Available: Red, Hot Pink, Coffee


Thin Headwraps

Thin Headwrap Available colors: Black, Ivory & Natural, Hot Pink, Purple.....(coming end of jan.... grey) restocking feb 5th.

1 headwrap $15.00 each

1/2 dozen headwraps $13.00 each

1 dozen headwraps $10.00 each ($9.00 after discount)

REMEMBER: If you spend $125 you get 10% off, so if you purchase 1 dozen headwraps they end up being $9.00 after the discount!!!!!!!!!! If you spend $250 (25wraps) they end up being $8 each!!!! WOW

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Wholesale Infant Crochet Kufi Knit Hats

Wholesale Infant Crochet Kufi Knit Hats
Super popular and so small and cute!
If you like the toddler kufi you will love the infant kufi and so will your customers! They are a smaller version of the toddler kufi fitting kids around 6 months up to a year or a bit over. It really depends on the size of the babies head. These kufis are handmade and may vary slightly in size and shade from time to time.

1 hat = $3.99

6+ hats any color = $2.58 each

12+ hats any color = $2.33 each

Clear Acrylic Rhinestones

New! Beautiful fully faceted clear rhinestones!
These stones are crystal clear acrylic rhinestones. We have been told that they are lead free. We are working on having the testing done to confirm the claim that they are in fact lead free. We will add to this post when we receive results.
These stones do not have a flat center at the peak, they are fully faceted with a flatback.
Available sizes: 10mm, 12mm, 20mm & 22mm
(50) 22 mm = $9.99
(100) 22mm = $17.99

(50) 20mm = $9.99
(100) 20mm = $17.99

(50) 12mm = $4.25
(100) 12mm = $7.50

(50) 10mm = $3.75
(100) 10mm = $ 7.00

Save additional 10% off when you have a combined order of $120 +

Save additional 20% off when you have a combined order of $250+

Friday, September 25, 2009

Stretchy Elastic Bohemian Headbands

Stretchy Elastic Bohemian Headbands

The Bohemian style is HOT! If you have'nt noticed, look at all the teens, mtv and the stars. They are all wearing these stretchy headbands in the middle of their forhead over their hair. They jazz it up with a flower clip worn off to the side above the ear. For a total 20's look, add one of our Curly Ostrich Puffs to this headband.
This style headbands is also perfect for the 5 year old to teen age group. They can wear it like a regualr headband and clip the accessories of their choice on to it. These headbands come in color packs of 6. You can get them in 3 Black & 3 White, or an assortment of 4 shades of pink.

6 pack of headbands $1.25
Color choices: 6 pack (3 black & 3 white)
6 pack (mixed shades of pink)

*Recieve 10% off when you have a combined order of $125 or more
*Recieve 20% off when you have a combined order of $250 or more

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Fall Mini Daisys

Mini Daisys
These little minis measure only 2 inches across and are perfect for the season. They are Yellow and a Redish Orange and come with a natural fuzzy daisy center. These are flower heads only ready to be glued on the clip of your choice. These little guys would be adorable on our colored nylon headbands!

1 Mini Daisy: $.75
1/2 dozen Mini Daisys $3.60 (.60 each)
1 dozen Mini Daisys $5.40 (.45 each)

*Recieve 10% off when you have a combined order of $125 or more

*Recieve 20% off when you have a combined order of $250 or more

Fall Mini Mums

Mini Mums
Small and hard to resist! These mini mums measure just a hair under 3 inches. They come in an assorted color combo. Every color is perfect for the season! These are flower heads and are ready to be glued on the clip of your choice. LIMITED TIME ONLY, GET THEM WHILE SUPPLIES LAST!
Assorted colors include:
Orange, Sage Green, Khaki Brown, Cream, Burnt Orange Red, & Olive Brown Green

1 mum $1.10
1/2 dozen mums $4.50 (.75 each)
1 dozen mums $6.60 (.55 each)

*Recieve 10% off when you have a combined order of $125 or more*Recieve 20% off when you have a combined order of $250 or more!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Wholesale Gerbera Daisy

Wholesale Gerbera Daisy

These gerberas have that natural look, high quality look. They are thick and full with 7 different layers and perfect for all our boutique hats and headbands. Each flower measures 4.25 inches across and comes on a stem. Simply remove flower and glue on a clip!

Available Colors:

Light Pink, Lime Green, Orange, Yellow, Deep Purple, White

1 flower $1.99
1/2 dozen $9.00 ($1.50 each)
1 dozen $12.00 ($1.00 each)
*Recieve 20% off when you have a combined order of $250 or more!
*Recieve 10% off when you have a combined order of $125 or more

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Butterfly Wings

Butterfly Wings
Our wings come with elastic satin cover shoulder straps, a marabou puff center, and have a 15 1/2 inch wingspan and are 13 inches tall. Our wings fit best ages 5 and under and look adorable when paired with out toddler tutus!
Our tutu/wing combinations would make adorable costumes! Use the yellow for a bumble bee, red/black for a lady bug, white for an angel, pink for fairies, princesses, and ballerinas. The possibilities are endless with a little creativity!

Available colors: hot pink, light pink, yellow, turquoise, white, red, lavender, lime

1 set of wings $4.99
1/2 dozen $23.94 ($3.99 each)
1 dozen $41.88 ($3.49 each)

*Recieve 20% off when you have a combined order of $250 or more!
*Recieve 10% off your combined order of $125 or more!

Toddler Tutus

Toddler Tutus
These tutus are adorable! The tutus are made from solid tulle which makes the skirt nice and full. All tutus come with a satin ribbon and elastic waistband. The skirt length measures around 12 inches long. Fits ages 9 months and up. These tuts are ready for you to add your ersonal touch with ribbons, bows, flowers, sequins, etc.
They would be adorable Halloween costumes! Use the yellow for a bumble bee, red for a lady bug, white for an angel, pinks for fairies, princesses, ballerinas. The possibilities are endless with a little creativity.

Available colors: turquoise, light pink, hot pink, chocolate, yellow, white, black, red, lime green

1 tutu $7.99
1/2 dozen $40.50 ($6.75 each)
1 dozen $66.00 ($5.50 each)

Wholesale Quantity Pricing

*Recieve 20% off when you have a combined order of $250 or more!
*Recieve 10% off your combined order of $125 or more!

Wholesale Shiny Daisy

Wholesale Shiny Daisy
These flower heads measure 5 inches across and come with a large rhinestone center.
Available Colors:
black, ivory, hot pink, light pink, chocolate, lavender, turquoise

1 flower $1.99
1/2 dozen $8.99 ($1.50 each)
1 dozen $11.99 ($1.00 each)

*Recieve 20% off when you have a combined order of $250 or more!
*Recieve 10% off when you have a combined order of $125 or more!

Wholesale Rhinestone Gerbera Daisy Flowers

Wholesale Rhinestone Gerbera Daisies

You'll love these flowers! They are thick and full with seven different layers. All flowers come with a large rhinestone center and are ready to be glued on the clip, hat, or headband of your choice! These flowers would look adorable on our tutus, crochet toddler hats, baby beanies, and headbands

Dark brown, Zebra, Lavender, Lime, Hot Pink, Yellow & Pink, Turquoise, Ivory, Purple, Leopard, Yellow, Pink, White, Orange, Grey, Burgandy, Black, Cheetah, Royal, Red.

1 flower -$1.99

6+ flowers any color - $1.49 each

12 + flowers any color - $.99 each

*Recieve additional 20% off when you have a combined order of $250 or more!

*Recieve additional 10% off when you have a combined order of $125 or more!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Wholesale Ostrich Puffs

Hard to find, hand made ostrich puffs ready to be glued onto the clip of your choice. Ostrich puffs are the new boutique rage and are reminiscent of fashion accessories of the 1920's. These puffs measure about 5.5 inches in diameter. They look adorable and hard to pass up on our toddler crochet hats! Ostrich puffs retail from $8.00 and up!

COLORS: Light Pink, White, Hot Pink, Lavender, Black, NEW Coffee

1 puff $6.49

6+puffs any color ($4.25 ea.)

12+ puffs any color (3.90 ea.)

Receive additional 20% off of your combined order of $250

Receive additional 10% off of your combined order of $125

Toddler Waffle Beanie
Toddler waffle hats fit toddlers around 2 years old and up. These hats are sewn and ready to go so you don't have to take the time to do the busy work! There is a great mark up in these hats for you boutiquers. Waffle hats sell in the $10 range at retail prices! Check out all our adorable flowers for making the perfect combinations that will beg for compliments! For a smaller hat size see our baby waffle hat.
hot pink, bubblegum pink , lt. pink, green, mint, ivory, royal blue, turquoise
brown, khaki, black, white, deep purple, lavender, lt. yellow, peach, red
1 hat $3.99
1/2 dozen $15.00 ($2.50 each)
1 dozen $23.88 ($1.99 each)
*Receive 10% off when you have a combined order of $120 or more!
*Receive 20% off when your combined order of $250 or more!

Marabou Puffs

Marabou puffs

Our Marabou puffs are made ready to be put to use for anything and everything! Add the marabou to your flowers and bows to add a little pizzaz. Add them to purses, backpacks, aprons, headbands, hats, picture frames, and more! The possibilities are endless! Each puff measures about 3 inches by 3 inches. Marabou gives that fancy schmancy look that is totally in right now. If you like our marabou you'll fall in love with our Ostrich puffs!

Available Colors:

red, white, light. pink, lavender, hot pink, black
(not pictured) coffee

1 puff $1.50

1/2 dozen $6.30 (1.05 each)

1 dozen $10.80 (.90 each)

*Receive 10% off when you have a combined order of $120 or more

*Receive 20% off when you have a combined order of $250 or more

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Baby Waffle Crochet Beanies

Baby Waffle Crochet Beanies

Our baby beanies are made from a 6 inch headband so the hat ends up being about 5 1/2 inches from top to bottom. These hats are sewn and ready to go so you don't have to take the time to do the busy work! Fits sizes newborn (will be a little baggy on top) to about 1 year.

hot pink,, white, deep purple, lavender, ivory, turquoise, coffee brown, khaki, peach, navy, mint, lt.yellow, black, red, royal blu, NEW Bubblegum

1 hat $3.99 each

1/2 dozen hats $15.00 ($2.50 ea.)

1 dozen hats $23.99 ($2.00 ea.)

*Recieve 20% off when you have a combined order of $250 or more!

*Receive 10% off when you have a combined order of $125 or more!